Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón, aka Chlewey Thompin, herein The Author, is responsible of the contents of this whole site.

Non-fictional content

While some of the content in this site is fictional or artistic creation, some of the sections pretend to reflect the reality.  The Author makes no warranty, however, on the reliability or accuracy on the information, but will ensure to his means and resources that the information will be as trustful as possible.  The content in the following sections is non-fictional:

Fictional content

Some of the content in this site is fictional.  Information on the fictional parts of this work should not be taken as a reliable source.  The following sections are particularly fictional:

Articles and essays

Articles and essays are non-fictional works, however they express an opinion and might be partial to the mood of The Author, and therefore the information in them might not be trustful.

Artistic content

Some of the content in this site has some kind of artistic intents.  The artistic merits might be controversial but not the intention.  Artistic content should not be trusted as verdict:

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