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For some time I have been trying to bring my home page to a certain point I can become satisfied with.  The idea is to have in one place most of the things that means in my present and my past...

Look at this complete article and to previous ones in my blog.

What's New


I added my résumé (Curriculum Vitae). There have been many unreported changes since last time


Overall modification of the presentation eliminating FrontPage table formatting and update of Ill Bethisad.


Content updated in several places.


Homepage updated and BLog added. 


Content in the scripting history session has been completely transferred from the old site.


Buttons have been redesigned.  A little more content was transferred from the old site.


I have re-designed the place and now it is using Front Page.  This is probably not the best web editor but it seem to be fine enough for having a better control of a site that is becoming quite large and complex.

Look complete log.

Special features

My Résumé

Here you can find my curriculum vitae. Also available in Spanish.

Ill Bethisad

Has information on the Alternate World of Ill Bethisad where the Romanic Britons have survived with their language till these days.


It is still one of the most complete parts of this site

Scripting history

Now this session is up again.  Most interesting stuff is between 1988 and 1997 but we could expect this to be continued and updated anytime now.