General Copyright

All the contents in this site are created by Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón, aka Chlewey Thompin, herein the Author.  This include the text content, the images and the design, and does not include the buttons, icons and banners that link to the Hosting Party or to any third party service.

This copyright implies that nobody will claim authorship of this work but the Author.  Third party buttons, icons and banners are property of their respective authors and are used here under their permission and conditions.

People are free to copy and distribute this work by any means, for non-profit purposes, without explicit permission of the Author but people are encourage to send a notice to the Author if this work is distributed.

Any profit derived from the distribution or use of the material must have explicit permission by the Author.  This copyright notice IS NOT an explicit permission.

When distributed, the material cannot be modified. If it is distributed in part, the distributor must advert to the recipients and must allow access to the whole material.  This can be accomplished by distributing the URL, ISBN or any other identifier of public sources of this material.

The Hosting Party is allowed to make any copy or modification intended for promoting their site or keep the service up. The Hosting Party cannot claim authorship or intellectual property.

Section Copyrights

Copyright on Hangkerim

Hangkerim is a fictional world.  See disclaimer on fictional content.

Copyright on Ill Bethisad

Ill Bethisad is a collaborative project in which Chlewey has barely take part in some of the regions, like South America, and in the compilation of this site.

Ill Bethisad is a fictional world.  See disclaimer on fictional content.

Flags of Ill Bethisad (FOIB):

The flags of Ill Bethisad have been taken from the original collaborators, mostly through the FOIB site.  Most of those flags have been modified by Chlewey either by normalizing the colors or by converting into PNG, and adapting sizes.  Most flags have been inspired by flags on the Flags of The World (FOTW) site, but those proposed by Chlewey have been redrawn..

The following flags have been proposed by Chlewey Thompin:

Given the invaluable source of inspiration and information on vexillology FOTW is, most of the flags are inspired somehow on the flags on that site.  Their copyright is here.

Copyright on SHWI-ISOT

SHWI-ISOT is a collaborative project.

SHWI-ISOT is a fictional world.  See disclaimer on fictional content.

Copyright on Tokcir (NGL)

Tokcir (NGL) is a collaborative project.

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