Castilla i León

National Symbols

State & National Flag


This flag is flown all over the Kingdom of Castile & Leon.  It was adopted during the Reconquista when the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Leon where united.  In 1922, after a military coup, this flag royal flag was replaced, but in 1924 in Cartagena de Indias, several overseas communities proclaimed the Kingdom of Castile & Leon on overseas territories and restored this royal flag.

In 1975, after the unification, this royal flag was flown again over Mother Castile.

Civil Flag


This flag is used only for the European part of the Kingdom of Castile & Leon, either for civil use or when representing Mother Castile to the Overseas Territories and Communities.

State & Civil Ensign


This Ensign is flown by all civil or state ships from the Kingdom.  Civil ships also use a pendant showing the territory they are from.

Civil Pendand


This Pendant is flown with the ensign in civilian ships from Mother Castile.

Military Symbols

Navy Jack


Flown by every military ship.

Air Force Roundel




Roundel used by the Republic of Castile & Leon, 1929 to 1939.


Roundel used by the Castilian State and by the Kingdom of Castile, from 1939 to 1978, when the new design was adopted.

Former Flags

Republican Flag (Republic of Castile: 1922-1939)


This was the republican flag used in Spanish Castile from 1922 to 1939, during the Republic of Castile & Leon.  In 1924, the Kingdom of Castile & Leon was proclaimed again on overseas territories adopting the Kingdom's traditional royal castles and lions flag.

Phalangist Flag of Castile (Castilian State: 1939-1967)


This flag was used by Gen. Tascón and the phalangist forces during the Civil War and was adopted in 1939 as the flag of the Castilian State.

Transitional Flag (1967-1975)


This flag was used by the Kingdom of Castile, between the restoration in 1967 and the reunification in 1975.

Symbols from Overseas Territories

Central America Flag

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New Granada Flag

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Ceuta Flag

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Castilian Territories Flag

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Canary Islands Flag

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Western Sahara Flag

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