Chlewey BLog


For some time I have been trying to bring my home page to a certain point I can become satisfied with.  The idea is to have in one place most of the things that means in my present and my past, as well as for my future.

Things like the things I have written during my student life, for me and for other people.  Things related to the Internet forums I participate or what I have created either as means of sub-creation or that have some kind of artistic value.

This task is far from complete, and will probably not be over for quite a reasonable time.  First, the original information is scattered all over my hard-disk and countless non-magnetic media.  Part of all this info is not available anymore.  All the information I have at hand in my computer is stored in different formats (including a few quite obsolete now) and some even saved under passwords I cannot longer remember.  So converting from those formats into HTML or PDF; giving them proper presentation format in order to preserve the original intentions while preserving also certain uniformity in this homepage; correcting a little orthography and redaction, etc.; all this is really time-consuming and, at some points, frustrating.

Furthermore, trying to classify all that info into a coherent way is not an easy task either.  And all this basically restricted to the information I have stored from my first IBM clone PC twelve years ago.  There is also a good deal of hard-copy material from times even further in the past.

I have pretended to give all this some kind of organization I hope you can use to discover who I am and what I have interesting to tell all you.  I have divided the info in five main topics:

Reality pretends to present what I have to say on the real world.  This includes things on my country, on languages, on the subjects of the Internet forums I participate in, etc.

In Artificial are there different views on the sub-creative part of me.  Is how that reality have been consciously recreated into new forms.

In the Creative part I have pretended to give a glance of the things I have done with some kind of intended artistic value.  It is divided in two parts, one devoted to literature and the other one to plastics.  This later is, however, empty at this moment as most of the work, if available, is not electronically stored.

In the fourth part is a place devoted to what I am myself, and how I am related in my world.

Finally is this BLog, where I pretend to have updated information on different topics.  Probably a little on politics, a little on sub-creation, some rant, etc.

I hope all you can enjoy this site either because you find interesting or useful information.

Thank you.