Hangkerim Languages

Main Languages


Hangkerimce is a tonal language with a CV(N) syllable structure.  Hangkerim is kind of agglutinative with some inflecting features, and many morphemes that have no meaning of their own.

Hangkerimce is based on the Old Hembica language, spoken by one of the ancient nations that gave birth to the Hangkerim culture.  There are some 4000 old inscriptions in ancient Hembica.  The most older written records on Hangkerimce are more than 2000 years old.



During the Spanish invasion missioners had an active role. Many Hangkerimians were baptized Christians. Many of them grouped in communities which remained relatively isolated from mainstream Hangkerim. They had also give out the sacred Hangkerim script for the more sacred Roman script. They spoke in modern days a language close related to Hangkerimce.


The other major indigenous language in Hangkerim territory is the language of the Moschas.  The Moschas were one of the nations that gave birth to the Hangkerim culture, and they have been almost bilingual for more than 2000 years.  Most Moscha peasants speak only Moscha language but understand Hangkerimce, most educated people speak Hangkerimce among themselves but understand and speak Moscha too.

Moscha used to have its own script but is today written mainly with Hangkerim script.

Moscha language is agglutinative.  Most roots have a patern CVCC or CCVC, with some infixation that changes the meaning of the root.  All grammatical features are given by a set of burden (C)V(C) morphemes.  Moscha has 4 vowels and 22 consonants.  Almost all consonant clusters seem possible.



Criollo is a language direct descendant from XVI century Spanish... Andalusian actually.  Most syllable final consonants have changed into tones, vos is used for both singular and plural you with an intonation pattern difference.


Nyucar descends from XVIII century English... which is quite different from OTL XVIII century English, with an earlier Industrial Revolution powered by the American wars.  After the New Cartagena-Hangkerim war, many attempts were made for assimilating Europeans into the Hangkerimce culture... these attempts were not completely successful as most Europeans continued being Christian and speaking their English and Criollo, but they managed to isolate the development of Nyucar different from British English.

Nyucar is written in Roman script but after an orthography revision that took elements from Criollo and Hangkerim Romanization.  Many consonant clusters has been broken either by inserting schwas or by dropping consonants.  Some tonicity has also arisen... and a lot of borrowings from Hangkerimce.

Other languages

There are many other languages spoken in Hangkerim territory.  Both original languages that have not disappeared, neighboring languages and immigrant languages, and the black languages.  Some of them are:

Black languages

Indigenious languages not completely asimilated

Neighboring languages

American immigrant languages

European immigrant languages

Asian immigrant languages