Nôva Granada


New Granda is an Autonomous Region of the Kingdom of Castile & Leon.  As an Autonomous region it has a Parliament (Corte Legislativa), and a General Governor (Gobernador General) in the Capital: Santa Fe de Bogotá.

The Head of State is King Alfonso José of Castile & Leon, and the Chief of State is the Prime Minister, Luis Ignacio Escobar.  The current General Governor is Álvaro Uribe.

Administrative Divisions

New Granada is further divided in 6 governorships (gobernaciones) and several provinces (provincias) and communes (municipios).

Each governorship has its own Governor (Gobernador) and Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa), the provinces have a Provincial Junta (Junta Provincial) which shares legislative and executive powers and each commune has a Major (Alcalde) and a Communal Council (Concejo Municipal).

The governorships and provinces are: