Nôva Granada
(Castile & Leon)

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Official Name (Castilian): Nôvo Reyno de Granada / Nôva Granada

Official Name (English): New Kingdom of Granada / New Granada

Population: 50 million

Capital: Santa Fe de Bogotá

Other important cities: Medellín, Cali, Guayaquil, Quito, Cadiz la Nôva, Maracaybo, Panamá

Official language: Castilian

Other languages: Quichua, Waiyuu, Kogi, Kuna

Organizations: Castilian Commonwealth

New Granada is an Autonomous Region of the Kingdom of Castile & Leon.

Settled by several pre-Hispanic nations with different degree of development, New Granada was where the first Castilian settlements in the continent took place.  They called this land "Têrra Firme" and built the first European cities in South America by 1509.  In 1536 the first cities inland were founded and the Castilians gave the name of New Granada.

The first colonial institutions date from 1550, and New Granada was promoted to Viceroyalty in 1722.  New Granada reminded royalist during the independentist movements in early 19th century, and reminded attached to Castile until the early 20th century, when a republican coup deposed king Juan from the European part of Castile.

New Granada proved the royalty to the king and became the new Kingdom of Castile & Leon during the republican and phalangist interlude in the European Castile.

When General Tascon, dictator of Castile in Europe, died in 1967, the monarchy was restored.  Queen Maria Luisa's son Eduardo, was elected as king of Old Castile and he promoted the reunification of Old Castile and New Andalusia.  Eduardo died in 1975, being succeeded by his nephew Alfonso José.  Maria Luisa resigned the crown of Castile & Leon on the head of Alfonso José and the unification could be formalized.