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Official Name: Ten Kénikrajch Téch Pémiš Króna Lonty

Official Name: The Kingdom of the Bohemian Crown Lands - Bohemia

Population: 17.000.000.

Capital: Prák.

Other important cities: Kotpus, Paucän, Preslau, Pryn, Tropau, Tešän, Olmyc.

Official language: Bohemian (Pémiš).

Other languages: Wenedyk, Sorbian, Czech and Arkian.

Currency: 0.476 koldän (fl) = 1 króna (K) = 60 krojcärny (k) = 120 helärny (h)
koldän (sing.) / koldny (pl.), króna / króny, krojcär / krojcärny, helär / helärny


The Bohemian Kingdom (in full name The Kingdom of the Czech Crown Lands; Ten Kénikrajch Téch Pémiš Króna Lonty) is constitutional federative monarchy, consisting of seven counties as listed below. The flag of BK is in habsburgian colors (yellow, red, blue) and holds the coat-of-arm of the House of Habsburg in its simplest form, as it became symbol of the kingdom