Republic of Two Crowns



Official Name (Venedic): Rzejpublyka Dwar Kronar (RDK, Erdeka).

Official Name (Lithuanian): Dviejų Karūnų Respublika (DKR).

Official Name (Low Saxon): Republiyk der Twey Kronen (RTK).

Official Name (English): Republic of Two Crowns (RTC).

Population: 43,6 million.

Capital: Warszawa (Warsaw).

Other important cities: Wilno, Krakieszcz, Leoniór, Rzeżmąc, Rzekoń, Piniat.

Official language: Low Saxon, Venedic (Wenedyk), Lithuanian.

Other languages: Ukrainian, Belorussian, Ruthenian, Yiddish, Prussian, Silesian, German, Slevanian, Kashubian.

Organizations: Baltic League.

This curious country is comprised of the Kingdom of Veneda and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Republic, the Kingdoms of Estonia and Lithuania, and Danzig together form an international union called the Baltic League, which is the descendant of the old Hanseatic League. The official language of the Republic is a dialect of Low German, though Lithuanian and Wenedyk are the two principal languages of everyday business. The Republic has acted as a kind of buffer state between Russia and the West for most of the 20th century. More recently, since the fall of the S.N.O.R. regime in Russia, the Republic has taken on more of a mediatory role, serving as a go-between in East-West relations. A common neutral meeting place for talks between European countries is Wilno in Lithuania. The Republic recognises Romuva, Russian Orthodoxy and Roman Catholocism as official religions.