España Castellana
Reyno de Castilla i León

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Official Name (Castilian): Reyno de Castilla i León, Provincias Ibéricas

Official Name (English): Kingdom of Castile and Leon, Iberian Provinces

Dependant to: Reyno de Castilla i León

Population: 30 million

Capital: Valladolid

Other important cities: Toledo, Seville

Official language: Castilian

Other languages: Galician

Organizations: Castilian Commonwealth

Administrative Divisions

Castilian Spain is composed for seven autonomic communities in the Iberic Peninsula, Europe, and one autonomic city, Ceuta, in Northern Africa.

Castilian Spain has no central government, but the government of the Kingdom.  There is however a council, the Spanish Council, which is in charge of the representation of the Spanish people both into the Kingdom, the Castilian Commonwealth and international representation.

Each Autonomic Community has its own General (Gobernador) and Legislative Assembly (Asamblea Legislativa), the provinces have a Provincial Junta (Junta Provincial) which shares legislative and executive powers and each commune has a Mayor (Alcalde) and a Communal Council (Concejo Municipal).

The autonomic communities and provinces are: