RI.T.H. Language


As a way of encrypting I developed the Thompinian script which I would encrypt Spanish with.

But encrypting a language in and almost one-letter-one-symbol with just a few exceptions (i.e. some clusters would be one symbol) is not a very secure code.  This pushed me a little step further: to develop a language

This personal unnamed language was not a relex from Spanish in the way I begun to introduce some elements from English and a more fixed syntax, different words for shaded meanings, etc. It also took some influence from Swedish and Esperanto, but the language was essentially a West Indueuropean language in its syntax and morphology, while vocabulary was a set of a-priori and borrowed words.

The language was developed from 1989 to 1992. I then lost most of my notes including a 1500 word lexicon. I had attempted a reconstruction in 1998




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