Аляска - Alyaska

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Official Name (Russian): Аляска - Alyaska.

Official Name (English): Alyeska

Population: .

Capital: .

Other important cities: .

Official language: Russian

Other languages: .

Organizations: .

Former Russian territory in far northern North America. Most inhabitants that aren't native Alaskans are of Russian or Japanese descent. The Gold Rush brought in many immigrants from the Solemn League and other North American lands; but the Russian culture is still very much alive amongst the descendants of Scottish, English, Kemrese, Texan and Californian goldminers. Alaska started out as something of a Russian and later a Japanese penal colony, where many sorts of undesireables were deported to, i.e., when Siberia was too good for them. Alaska gained its independence sometime in the 1950s. Languages: Russian, Japanese, Kemrese, English, Native languages. Alphabet: Cyrillic.