República de Tejas

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Official Name (Castilian): República de Tejas

Official Name (English): Republic of Tejas

Population: .

Capital: .

Other important cities: .

Official language: Castilian (Spanish)

Other languages: .

Organizations: CELCAGOM - Community of Independent States of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mejico.

The Republic of Tejas is a country founded in the 1828 as a reaction of the Creole aristocracy against the liberal policies of the Kingdom of Castile-Leon and the Indian insurrection in Mejico.  From 1838 to 1857, Tejas was involved in the Mejican civil was and grabbed most of Mejican territories north of Rio Grande.  Until the discovery of oil and helium reserves, Tejas was a sparsely populated country of ranchers, cowboys and plantation owners, competing for land with the native Indios. The wealth of Tejas has grown considerably due to its oil and other resource wealth. It is a member of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) and HPC (Helium Producers Consortium). The current dictator of Tejas is Jorge Walker Bush (1988).