Official Name (Francien): La République de Louisianne

Official Name (English): Republic of Louisianna

Population: 22 million.

Capital: Paris-sur-Mizouri (1.000.000 within national borders, 250.000 in NAL territory).

Other important cities: St. Louis, Zaräémlà, Brest, Baton Rouge

Official language: (Primary) Francien, Narbonósc, (Secondary) Brezhonesc, Dalmatian, Kerno, English.

Other languages: Native American Dialects.

Organizations: .

Louisiana comprises the former French territory in middle North America. It borders on Tejas and the Solemn League. To the west, it borders on the Disputed Territory which Tejas and Alta California have squabbled over for more than a century.

Louisianne is a largely Agricultural country, with large tracts of land farmed in the provinces of Osage, Nouvelle Gaulle, St. Louis and Nouvelle Cornouaille, exporting grain and produce to North America and the world at Large.  Nouvelle Navarre remains a rather wild and uncivilized province, though there is a large establishment of gold miners in the Noirraines, or Black Hills.  Other mining ventures are found in the Rocheuses in western Nouvelle Cornouaille, mining Zinc, Copper, Silver, and other metals.  Shipping is a large industry along the Mizouri and Mississippi Rivers, with trade flourishing in Paris-sur-Mizouri, St. Louis and Nouvelle Orléans as major ports.

Raw materials heretofore have been indiscriminately exported to both countries, though this is a publicly disavowed and discontinued practice. Industries of note are ranching and logging.  Tourism has recently increased to the famed ski resorts in the furthest western reaches of Nouvelle Cornouaille, as well as the International Geyser Park (Yellowstone) shared with Oregon.

Mormons are the second largest religious group behind Catholics, with the primary temple in Zaraëmla, and others in regions around the country.  Other budding industries are various manufacturing firms, including Airship construction.