Nouvelle Francie

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Official Name (French): Nouvelle Francie

Official Name (English): New France

Population: 9 milions

Capital: Québec (Quebec).

Other important cities: Ville-Marie, Trois-Rivières

Official language: Francien, laurentian (de facto)

Other languages: (protected status) montagnais, atikamek, bretonic (unofficial minority language) mueva sepharadic, Kerno, Brithenig, Breathenach

Organizations: La ligue des Nobles Émigrés, North-American River Authorities Association (NARAA),  La Patoiphonie (through the membership of the Loraunsiun ethnic group)


Founded as a French colony in the 16th century. During the French revolution, joined en masse the side of the monarchist (due to the highest level of practicing Catholicism and a lack of famine and other rabble rousing unpleasantness). Declared the French Republican government illegal and refused to join in talk until the king had been restored. Briefly approached the government after the restoration but broke off talk again and joined the camp of the legitimist (mostly to preserved the autonomy gained in the preceding decades).