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Official Name (Oregonian English): Oregon

Official Name (English): Oregon

Population: .

Capital: .

Other important cities: .

Official language: Oregonian English

Other languages: .

Organizations: .

A fairly large country in the northwestern quarter of North America, west of the S.L.C., north of Alta California and south of Alaska. Oregon was founded by the various fur trading companies (notably the Russian America Co., which still exists though hasn't been connected to Russia since 1917) and their local allies in an effort to keep out pesky adventurers, land claimers, and other completion.  The Government is a mixture of native and immigrant aristocracy, corporations, unions, clubs, proportional representation and municipalities.  This governmental form evolved from cooperation between chiefs, furtraders, and merchants for the purposes of maintaining order and later independence. Population (2001): 12 million; Languages: (de jure) Oregonian Sign Language, Oregon Wawa (chinook jargon) (de facto) Oregonian English (derived ultimately from the Doric), OSL; Alphabet: Cyrillic (official). The Cyrillic alphabet was introduced by Russian missionaries and has gained widespread currency.