República Mejicana

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Official Name (Castilian): República Mejicana - Méjico

Official Name (English): Mejican Republic - Mejico

Population: .

Capital: Mejico

Other important cities: .

Official language: Nahuatl

Other languages: Castilian

Organizations: CELCAGOM - Community of Independent States of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mejico.

The Republic of Mejico is situated south of the Republic of Tejas.  Mejico seceded from Castile after an Indian uprising that followed the Creole counter-revolution provoked by the Liberal reforms of the Kingdom of Castile & Leon.  Mejico has suffered a series of civil wars throughout its history, the most serious of which actually compromises several minor wars between 1838 and 1857 and involved Tejas.  During this period, Mejico lost all its territories north of the Rio Grande to Tejas, helped by local populace's discontent with the warring factions in the south.  Currently, the country is embroiled in an elections scandal sparked by the ballot box stuffing candidate Vicente Lobo-Martiz (1998). Economically, the country is in shambles (suffering from hyperinflation and regularly devalued currency); though Lobo-Martiz has promised to reform the economy.