Solemn League & Convenant

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Official Name: The Solemn League and Convenant of North America

Population: 88.623.422 (2000)

Capital: Philadelphia

Other important cities: Georgetown, Alexandria, New Amsterdam, Boston, Kingston, Toronto, Detroit

Official languages: English, Scots, Brithenig, Native, Kerno, French, Castillian, Dutch, Gaelic, Ladino.

Other languages: Scandinavian

Organizations: .

The NORTH AMERICAN LEAGUE and The SOLEMN LEAGUE and COVENANT. The NAL/SLC is a federation of former British colonies in North America, capital at Philadelphia. Due to economic and political conditions in the 17th and 18th centuries, citizens of several North American colonies moved to gain more independence; and so issued the Solemn League and Covenant in 1803, under which the former colonies secured independance of commerce and defense yet remained subjects of the Crowns of the Federated Kingdoms in Britain. The French colony of Bas Canada (Lower Canada) was inveited to join, but opted in stead to pursue full independence, forming the Intendancy of Nouvelle France which is surrounded by the SLC, and does not participate in the League. The SLC is divided into a number of Provinces, roughly from north to south: Mueva Sefarad / New Spain, New Scotland / Alba Nuadh, New England, Massachussetts Bay, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Castreleon / Niuw Batavie, Aquanishuonigy, Pennsylvania, Kent and Oxbridge, Ter Mair / Maryland, New Sweden, Virginia, Tenisi, Carolina, Jacobia, Cherokee Nation and Louisiana. To the north, above all the Provinces, lie the Unincorporated Territories (UT), made up of Company lands and native communities, so called because it was too sparsely populated by European settlers to warrant a provincial structure. Contrary to its name, there are some Province-like structures in evidence, notably Nunavik along the Labrador coast. Similar to the UT for sparse population are the Northwest Territories. The Unincorporated Territories are administered by the Extraterritorial Lands Bureau, which administers both the UT and the Northwest Territories. Many languages are spoken in the SLC/NAL: Doric, Scots Gaelic and English are all spoken in New Scotland; Brithenig, Batavian and several native Algonquian languages are spoken in New Castreleon; Pennsylvaanisch is spoken in Pennsylvania; Kerno and Brithenig are spoken in Ter Mair, along with a large Irish Gaelic minority in the southern part of the province; Swedish and English are spoken in New Sweden; French and English are spoken in Louisiana; while English predominates in the south, with sprinklings of German and Doric. [Technically, "SLC" refers specifically to the Founding Document of the NAL; but popular usage in North America and abroad has allowed the use of either name to apply to the country itself. According to Cowan's History of the American Nations, the "The name 'Solemn League and Covenant' refers firstly to the documents that form the basis and foundation of the country called the 'North American League'; and secondarily to that country itself when it is seen as a League of independent States. When the League is seen as a unitary State, showing a single face to the world, the name 'North American League' is more often used."]